Last Chance Elderflower Cordial

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alder & ash

Today, my son and I made Last Chance Elderflower Cordial.  It’s best made weeks ago, back in early June when the fragrant, frothy flower-heads first appear in the lanes. But things have been busy, and I forgot – until my four-year-old asked rather plaintively if we were going to make some cordial this year. (My kids love cordial – the fact it contains a metric ton of sugar may have something to do with this. Healthy it is not).

The trouble is, we’d left it so late that the tiny white elderflowers have mostly gone over, with little green berries starting to form in their place. So we jumped in the car and went on an emergency elderflower hunt, looking for shady places where the last flowers might be clinging on. It was tough going. We climbed over ditches and through nettle patches. But we managed to find just enough flowers to…

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