Friday 20th June 2014 – Tomtatoes!

lovely post Claire I look forward to seeing how they do have a blessed evening

Clairesallotment's Blog

Yes I know that it looks like a typo, but it isn’t. So let me explain. I saw these plants in Thompson and Morgan at the beginning of the season, and thought what a strange combination. You have tomatoes on the top and potatoes on the bottom. Now every bone in my body is going “No!!! This just isn’t right!” As gardeners we know that tomatoes and potatoes should be kept as far away from each other as possible because they can give each other blight. So how can this work? The answer, I really don’t know, but I’m curious. Now I didn’t buy any at the beginning of the season, because to be honest, I thought they were too expensive. But, when I went to the NEC last week, they were selling them for £1 each or 5 plants for £4. So I really couldn’t say no. Thompson and…

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