Meaner Greener Me: Slow fashion

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For me, clothes are important. When I select an outfit from my wardrobe in the morning, it needs to ‘feel’ right. Some of my clothes fit better than others, and some are more…well, complementary. I have days when I can carry off a bright colour, or a tight fit, and other days when I just need my long sleeved black t-shirt and my favourite jeans.

Despite how highly I regard clothes, since 1st January I haven’t bought any for myself. None. Not even when holes have appeared, nor when I’ve been invited to special occasions.

The reason for this is that I pledged not to buy any new clothes for myself for the whole of 2014. This post outlines the reasons why, but basically I wanted some time off from contributing to the unethical practices that are involved in the production and supply of much of today’s fashion. I wanted…

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