All Change!

well done and thank you for sharing have a blessed day

The Frustrated Gardener

They say a change is as good as a rest. Normally I’d agree with that, but the amount of turmoil we’ve had through June has left me not so much in need of a rest but intensive care.

It would not have been so bad had it not been for the silly amount I’ve been packing in. A combination of work trips, family visits, socials and domestic chores, ontop of garden projects, has drained every last drop of energy. Even Him Indoors is looking a little lacklustre.

Campanula punctata 'Pink Octopus', June 2014Campanula punctata ‘Pink Octopus’

This weekend we’re looking forward to some much needed TLC and togetherness when we flit over to Amsterdam for the city’s open gardens weekend. Before that, here’s a brief update on the three projects that I first posted about in March.

The primrose border, Trevoole, April 2014From this….

Down at Trevoole the new primrose border has settled down satisfyingly well. I planted it over…

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