It’s my garden – I can change my mind if I want to.

Lovely post Sarah thank you for sharing have a blessed day


Before and after Before and after

I cleared another three beds yesterday.  Or should I say I cleared 10% of the garden.  That sounds way better described like this.  I am such a hard worker doing 10%!  But if the truth be known, it was actually kind of easy.  The soil is soft and crumbly and not too wet, so the weed roots just slipped right out.  The other thing is the weeds weren’t that bad either.  A few large weeds as opposed to millions of tenacious little ones.  All I needed to do was loosen the soil with my fork and then lift them out.  It was temping to do more beds but I am trying to be sensible and not overdoing things… there is still heaps of time

Flat pack parsley Flat pack parsley

I started out on my bean bed.  The frost had done its thing and they were all mushy and there…

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