Digging up dinner.

Awesome post Sarah thank you for sharing have a blessed day


Of late our diet has been a long way from what we are normally accustomed to.  To start with we were kitchen-less and it seems to have been for a very long time.  We started out in the balmy long evenings of late summer or was it early autumn?  The details have been lost in the mists of time.  But I do know it was before daylight savings turned back to the harsh realities of winter.  It is all very well to pretend we were having a jolly old time ‘camping’…  Right up until the rains came and it was cold and dark and I couldn’t see what I was cooking and bugs were flying in there willy nilly – not that we noticed it whilst eating dinner because we sat outside in the dark, and we gobbled it down as fast as we could before we froze to death.

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