A Tale of Two Classics…

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Hen Corner

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As featured in Country Living Magazine
No, I haven’t been reading well known literacy masterpieces; we have been thrilled this week to receive, not one but two, Eglu Classics here at Hen Corner. Each has a tale, a love story, and we’ll tell it here! Readers who follow us on Twitter and Facebook will have seen some of the other things we’ve been up to recently…
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Eglu Classic Breakfast SetA Birthday Breakfast…

I first fell in love with the Omlet Eglu Classic chicken coop when I saw it in a design magazine back in 2006 and, after much persuading, was delighted to have been given a green Eglu complete with two hens, Pepsi and Shirley for my birthday that June. Who would have known where that first step of the…

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Over the weekend I was given some seeds for my wildlife area



 Canterbury bells                                                 Teasel



A nearby village had a scarecrow festival and stalls on Saturday did not have my camera to take photos of the scarecrows the theme was TV films there were very well made and these are the plants I came back with we went again on the Sunday just to take some of the photos of scarecrows


 Pink bush Maple, Laurel, 2 Buddleias







We also got sweet pepper salad mix seed pack as well but forgot to take photo of box




a friends garden birds


this morning I have been painting a packing case that David brought home from work last week for me to have herbs and strawberry’s in not sure which as yet .


it will need another coat of paint  and I will re do my potting shed as well I think I forgot to take photo so that will be in next weeks when it hopefully potted up




I planted out my sweetcorn this morning in a block only 9 came up  we had never grown it before so hope it will do well


Very grey looking this morning  but I will do some more potting on




I have a family of chaffinches spending most of the day in the side wall feeder




I have seen lots of tiny egg shells laying around the garden all I need now is for the rain to stop so I can try and take some photos of them along with my live stream taking snap of them when they go to the feeders with camera’s on









I just sported a nest but even with using rover one I do not thing we see which bird it is and I just seen a dead frog by the looks of it might take a photo as it might help with some record or something





Well the sun is out so I wish you all a lovely weekend have a blessed one

How I Live Without Driving (a Car)

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The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

I’ve been meaning to wrote this post for a while but have never got around to it but seeing as it’s a pretty big part of my life I thought I’d better get it written because I am absolutely convinced I am not the only one who feels the following way about cars and driving.

Driving Off

I can’t drive.  I have never completed more that 10 hours of driving lessons.  I only ever had that many because some were given as a gift on my 17th birthday and I thought I had better give it a go.

Since then I have only spent about 30 minutes behind the wheel of a car and that was only to test break lights on the driveway.

As much as people find it quite incredulous that I don’t drive (they give me that smile as if to say “poor you”), I find it quite…

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An alternative poultry wormer… at last

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Whilst reading through the farming press recently I was very interested to read that MSD Animal Health has announced that, following a positive opinion from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use (CVMP), the European Commission has granted the marketing authorization for the veterinary medicinal product PANACUR® AquaSol (fenbendazole 200 mg/mL) for use in chickens.

Currently there are various ‘gut conditioners’ on the market plus a number of natural preventative options that can help control the worm burden your flock might carry, but in terms of actual worming products the backyard keeper is limited to Flubenvet, hence the announcement catching my attention.

I’ve encountered PANACUR® before when used with pigs but what particularly attracted me to this as a possible alternative for chickens is that it is administered via water rather than through feed. Why is this an advantage? Many of my birds free range, particularly once the breeding…

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Plotting some vegetable treats!

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Green Lizard's Blog


Last week I wrote about Gardeners optimism. That special sense of hope that keeps you going as you plan through the winter months.

Now the waiting is almost over, here are some of the highlights that are starting to get my hope up.

The courgette has a tiny weeny yellow spike that started me off. It’s a yellow species. So I’m hoping that’s not a dodgy fruit starting.


It may be small but courgettes are prolific and fast growing so we won’t be waiting long! The other type we’ve grown is a globe shaped variety which also has it’s initial fruit.

Then there’s the delectable blue berry patch. It’s bursting with enthusiasm!


Of course another sweet treat is close to biting point.


And I learned from Bob Flowerdew’s book that eating partially ripe strawberries from your own garden is worth a try as they are sweet enough if you can’t…

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Rhubarb & Honey Cordial


Fiona Dillon Writes

I love this homemade cordial.  With rhubarb from the garden, our own honey and cool sparkling water, this drink is both sweet and tart, and uber-refreshing, all at the same time.   You can keep the cordial in the fridge or freeze it in an ice cube tray to add to sparkling water, soda water or indeed prosecco for the grown-ups.

Rhubarb Cordial fionadillon (1)This week I made a point of checking out rhubarb in a couple of supermarkets.  I wanted to compare my bunches on the Surplus Stall with what I found in the supermarket.  Oh sweet Lord God, I nearly died of shock when I saw what was on offer.

photo (27)This bunch (right) was for sale for €1.69 in Dunnes Stores earlier today. Lidl was cheaper at 99c and not quite as dead, but still it wasn’t great.  I didn’t check any other supermarkets but now I know why my rhubarb disappears…

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Good causes and farm animals!

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Green Lizard's Blog

In The Netherlands, I’ve noticed that there are a number of organisations who aim to give employment to vulnerable people.

Our second beehive is located at one such place.

The Dorepaal is a garden centre, tea shop and park.


Most of the employees have a learning disability but they are encouraged to learn work skills and participate in the workings of the whole site.

There is also a working farm.


The pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep and goats are a fantastic local resource for families and children.

They also grow fruit and vegetables and organic seedlings for gardeners.


It’s a tranquil haven in the heart of the city!

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