Can we find evidence of Dormice in Staffordshire ?

Awesome post Kate thank you for sharing have a blessed evening

Most of us will never  see a dormouse, but are familiar with beautiful images of them curled up asleep when in hibernation. I found I knew very little about them, so turned to the Internet to find out a little more. …

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 08.37.46

‘Dormice are well known for their habit of sleeping for much of the time. Their popular English name is thought to derive from the French word ‘dormir’ meaning ‘to sleep’. Dormice are known to hibernate for as much as seven months of the year. At the onset of colder weather in October, the animals will select a suitable site close to the ground to build a nest. They then curl up and go to sleep until April. During hibernation, dormice slow down their bodily functions and enter a state of extreme torpor. In this state they feel cold to the touch and take some time to rouse themselves…

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