Up with the garden path 2014 Part Three: the bypass loppers

lovely update thanks for sharing have a blessed day it looks better with out it their

Growing out of chaos

I woke up this morning with a degree of excitement: it was a day without any commitments or social engagements and I was going to one of my favourite garden centres to buy something to cut my hawthorn bush down with.

Earlier in the week, I had tried using my lawn cutters. Yes, it worked. Not easy on the hands or arms and a bit unwielding, though. (Plus, I didn’t want them to go blunt.) Not so the bypass loppers I bought this morning. They made cutting off the branches a bit of a doddle. In less than an hour I had finished and it all fitted in the household green waste bin as well.


One of my neighbours popped her head out while the job was in progress. She didn’t exactly say she was pleased to see the bush go. At the same time, there is no doubt that…

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