Top Bar Hive frames

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Beekeeping afloat

As I borrowed the good bits from TBH’s and went foundationless in my framed hives a few years ago and have never looked back since, I thought on a slack day at work and a pile of off cuts talking to me worth trying frames in my TBH’s.

2014-04-16 21.15.14

One thing that does annoy my bees and me is cutting the brace comb when the bees attach the combs to the side of the box. They just don’t like a tool pushed into the hive to cut the wax as it must catch the legs of the bees and they must know we are damaging their home. With regular inspections, it is possible to wriggle the comb to break the brace, but sometimes it needs cutting especially if it is hot and the comb heavy with honey as you can break the combs if not carful. Also the brace comb sometimes…

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