Chilli-tastic – May

lovely post and thank you for sharing Sophie and have a blessed day

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog

Since my last update I’ve managed to reduce my excess chilli plants down from 37 to 13.  The boss in fact managed to sell 24 for me without any hesitation.  It would seem the plants are far more popular than I imagined!

All but 1 of the 13 have been potted up into 1ltr pots each.  The only one left is my heritage plant, Mushroom Yellow is growing slightly slower than the rest but that’s okay I’m hoping it will be worth the wait.

The plants are now sat outside, after having been acclimatised, in the walk-in grow-house.  I have bought a a rather nifty mini grow-house which I have yet to put together but will be sat on the patio ready to give the chilli plants as much heat and light as possible.

I’ve experimented with various different growing structures over the years and while a poly tunnel would…

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