The bees swarm!

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alder & ash

So, this happened two weekends ago. Our friend J, who keeps some of his hives here, tapped on the door and said, “Do you want to see the bees swarm?” Well, yes please! We rushed out (the children were with their grandparents at the time, so I didn’t need to worry about them being stung), and the orchard was buzzing with bees.

Starting to swarm Starting to swarm

Pop back in half an hour, J said, they’ll have settled on a tree nearby. So we did – and there they were, covering part of the trunk and lower branch of an apple tree. Although they were pretty docile, it did look like a bit horror-movie as thousands of bees seethed up over the tree’s trunk and lower branches.

The swarm has landed The swarm has landed

We then watched from a distance as J (fully suited and booted) used his smoker to encourage the bees to move…

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