Why A Farm?

lovely post Erin’s thank you for sharing


Now I know some of you out there are thinking – why is this blog entitled Erin’s backyard farm? Why not just Erin’s back yard.

Well I will tell you why.

It is because of how we think of things around here. Everything is interconnected and we know it.

When I am placing the soiled chicken straw in its pile I am not tucking it away somewhere. I am letting it rest and mellow. I am letting those yucky microbes die off and those good microbes increase in number. I am saving it away, until it is mellow enough to lay on my garden. I am looking into the future and dreaming of rich soil.

When I choose to pull up plants to create a garden space, I am not only thinking about the bounty I hope the future vegetable plants bestow upon me, I am thinking of…

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