Natural Remedies in the Garden

Lovely post Liz did not know you could use comfrey like a dot leave I remember that next time I get stung by a nettle

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The dock leaves are allowed to grow.

We were busy at the plot the other day doing positive things for the plants.

One useful thing that my sister in law came up with was adding wood ash to the water for the onions. This seems to distract the onion fly that has previously devastated crops.

We use plenty of more natural tools to tackle plot problems. Here’s a few more.

Ladybirds are encouraged as they eat aphids. Aside from being very cute of course.

Spiders and toads are encouraged to eat the flies too!

Dock Leaves: Great things!

Our broad beans had problem black flies. Black fly seem to like dock leaves. We have them growing in our plot.

They’re also good for treating a nettle sting or comfrey can do the same.

dealing with Bugs

If the flies are still a problem then we boil a solution of…

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