The Big Lunch Resourceful Week #2

lovely post Jen thank you for sharing

My Make Do and Mend Year

Day 2 of the Big Lunch Resourceful Week.
Today the focus is food, and as well as a Twitter Q&A with Steven Lamb from River Cottage, you can find a top Resourceful Recipe from him over on the Big Lunch Blog-I’ll post the link as soon as it’s live!

Steven Lamb from River Cottage Steven Lamb from River Cottage

At the launch event on Sunday, Steven’s passion for food and the bigger things that can happen when people get together to share it, came across really clearly: He pointed out that by being resourceful and sharing food, the simple act of sharing food was not only a way to bring people together but also to start conversations you wouldn’t normally have. Which sounds pretty fab to me!

Soooo, what does eating resourcefully mean to you?

For me, I think it is all about being making the best use of the food that we have-both…

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