Make Do and Mend: a Hero in my house!

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Restoring the blogging pattern with Tuesday being craft related; here’s a story with a happy ending!

The man in the house has many talents. I think the observant among you will already have spotted him in lots of jeopardy.

He likes nothing more that wrangling bees, climbing on roofs and going underwater.


But this means only one thing.

He’s a bit hard on his trousers!

Now he had a favourite pair of shorts. In fact this is a tale of two shorts!


But the ‘arse’ is hanging out of them!

Now we could just throw them away or turn them into rags or shorten them.

Not sure that’s a good idea!


HE set to work.


First he cut some bonding iron-on and a patch of black fabric from another pair of shorts.

He turned in the edges to stop the fabric from fraying.

Then he used the sewing machine…

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