When are the rewards! I’m getting impatient!

Lovely post Martha thank you for sharing

Martha's Kitchen/Garden

The weekend promised to be soaking and dismal but delivered something a little more uplifting if a little damp and blustery in places. Where was I? Need you ask. I was obviously slaving away wondering why exactly it feels so important to grow my own beans when I can buy them down sainos for a quid. I felt a little disillusioned this weekend, the allotment was beautiful as ever but the weeds have started running amok and the clay is as solid as ever.

I did take a very pleasant detour on Saturday to Mottingham stables to get me some well rotted manure. This is not the stuff you get in B&Q all dry and sterile, it’s squelchy and black and bursting with worms. The stables are idyllic, tucked away on a road that feels like you are out in the country, old and full of character. I had a…

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