Plan the holiday! Holiday the plan! Update!

lovely post Liz thank you for sharing

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I wrote a list! I had two weeks off! It was useful to try and have some goals.

Here’s how I got on!

Here’s my list.

1. Crochet

In week 1, I started with another sheep. This one will be travelling to England shortly. It went together very well. But then I didn’t finish it…..

2. Cook macarons

First step: find the ingredients. Old eggs, ground almonds, powdered sugar are key apparently. I got as far as getting the ingredients but as I’m not a keen baker that was it. Still it means I’ve got further goals to meet!

3. Finish reading Daniel Deronda

4. Look into publishing ebooks
So far I’ve found out a bit more but more work is still needed.

5. Make a film Hooray! One to tick off at last!
Done the film for work. Yippee! Not done the other films. Boo! I’ve been…

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