Worming your way into my Garden!

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So I’ve already written about my hens, my bees and my quail but the first creatures we worked with haven’t had a mention yet.

The back yard at the house is about five metres by six or something. Really small. It’s walled and paved, hemmed in by a garage and a brick built shed.

It was greenless!

Ironically when we moved here we thought Great! Low Maintenance.

There was a creeper on the back wall that had fallen down and was heading toward the house.

So since then, we wanted to try and create compost from our kitchen waste. Although the system here for household waste is great and it’s all separated it’s a shame to waste all that green nutrition.

We didn’t think a compost would work for us (though that may change) so we decided on a project.

What’s the difference between a wormery and a…

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