Thursday 24 to 27 of April 2014

;W ell look what I have had arrive in the post yesterday It’s to help look after the spiders that in turn look after the bugs not quite sure where I will be putting it possible by my raised beds?

photo 1 (4)





So here we have the roots I have cut of the grocery spuds and my pineapple that I am trying to grow it does go into the greenhouse or happy in the kitchen or on a window sill I change the water every day on the pineapple and will possible do every other day on the spuds


I am going to plant out some of my flowers I got growing in the greenhouse today and David brought me home yesterday another 7  Lily mixed bulbs  which I think I plant near some lonely daffs near my raised beds to help with pollination of my veggies  later in the season and some of my spinach as well as they are big enough to go out and I put a net curtain over them to keep my dear garden birds off there are other plants they can eat but not my spinach or any off my veggies if you do not mind




David not happy about me using washing up bowls or the fact it means I can grow less things as he will not let me expand to more raised beds which I think is unfair as I can easily put two more four square foot beds  in front of the first without going on the main area of grass





We had some rain during the night and it rather dull and grey outside at the moment my compost bins are open to get a nice soaking then hoping it will warm up to start cooking and helping it to turn into compost  ready for the autumn



I wanted to weed the soft fruit area but rain has stopped play my be if it stops rain I can make a start on it later I must be getting old when I was younger I would work in the rain but David dose not think it is worth getting a cold or a chill through working outside in the rain



I take matters into my own hands and like fellow blogger Sophie Cussen who blog is

The Forget-me-Not Cultivation Blog and also joining in on the Garden connect  thing were a group of us grow almost the same seeds and we see how each other’s

Do as we all across the world map




Walked round town this morning David spotted this lovely tray of plants and I liked the single one at the back never grown any before or had them in any of my gardens I believe

You can take stem cuttings from Osteospermums (AFRICAN DAISY).  

And the other one is Aquilegia (SPRING MAGIC WHITE)













My wild flower meadow mix from Country file arrived to day so I sowed that as well and gave all the new plants a good drink thinking about turning some of my planters I got from my mother into alpines as their looked so nice on gardeners world last night and I seen one or two on other blogs

when we were shopping this morning we went into the New Pact Animal Shelter Charity shop and the  Mayor of Swaffham, Cllr. Anne Thorp was their too open it for them





Have a blessed week

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