Is it scrumping if it’s your orchard?

Awesome post Sarah thank you for sharing


Because technically scrumping is stealing fruit – particularly apples from an orchard.  But not one to be hung up on a technicality, we went scrumping – in our orchard.

Scrumping it is... Scrumping it is…

Now the thing about our orchard is I planted it at the far end of our property so we would have a reason to go to the outer reaches of our land.  Otherwise you just find yourself dwelling amongst the buildings and the point of having three acres of land becomes lost.  The orchard isn’t that far away from the rest of the garden.  According to Google Earth it is about 130 metres, because I went there and measured it.  Which is much easier to do from the comfort of my computer than measuring it out in real life.  The image currently held by Google Earth has been updated again and is as recent as pre-spring last year. …

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