Awarding, I’ve been honoured twice this week!

Thank you liz

Green Lizard's Blog

It’s been an eventful WordPress week for me.

I’m not really keen to blog about blogging but there’s likely to be the odd moment.

For one thing I had 1000 likes this week. For me that’s high recognition in itself. I’m blogging for the opportunity to write. Having feedback from other people is very precious to me.

I also passed 200 followers. And similarly I really appreciate that signal too. Bloggers and non bloggers, emailers and tweeters making that extra commitment.

What makes me even more pleased though is those people who are coming back for more. For a long time, living this strange life, I’ve sometimes wanted to communicate with like minded people and it’s quite tricky finding them.

Many people I know think we’re totally bonkers.

I know that’s quite shocking! 😮

But this blogging place has brought support, encouragement and understanding.

How cool is that?

Even more…

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