Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 of April 2014

Well the washing is on the line and the sun is shining caught up with all my emails had my 2nd coffee of the day now time to go and look in the greenhouse.

Well I have also started to weed the front garden and define were the border should be and were the cars should park there are one or two nettles to come out and I am wondering what would be nice to go with the rose which are yellow pink and white when they come out .

There is just to many stinging nettles hiding the poppies and bluebell’s and the fuchsia I put all of the weeds this morning into my wheelie bin I could of finished my other half full compost bin so it was full but I will soon have that full tomorrow when I tackle the perennial bed at the back in-between the trees were I want to plant some more woodland type plants

I have planted my red onions that Kellan from Falmouth allotment kindly sent me I was surprised how quickly they rooted in the loo rolls I had some in little plastic pots as well they were a little bit tricky to get out but managed it fine just pray the birds leave them along as I have not netting two put over them

I spent this afternoon potting on in the potting shed taking them out of greenhouse then putting them back in their again
I potted on my two apple seedlings and my pear seedling, 1 melon potted on 4 canthus blue
Being brave and planted out my 1 kale planted one sunflower giant out but the earth in the back border is so hard and compacted it was hard to do think I need to add more organic matter to it
Or some top soil .


Blue sky’s this morning looks like it going to be a good day again I got lots to pot on from chillies
2 celery and aubergines going to try and put all things needing germination on one bench and all the other things on the other bench if that makes since

I try and take some photos as I go

Well I stared of by weeding the border by the bathroom window

under bathroom window

then I move some toms to the potting shed but here are some photos of greenhouse before tidy up
thyme and things

greenhouse before tidy up

before tidy up3

just potted up yesterday

I also took a photo of the newly planted onions in
onions in


Lunch break coffee and salad sandwich and a orange now for some more potting on I think

Well I finished tiding the green house must get some of that shade stuff for helping to keep the greenhouse cool
and I potted on some drawft beans ,toms yellow stuffer and money maker and some celery as well this afternoon need to take another photo of greenhouse I sorted it out again
I find two bumble bees in the greenhouse one dead and the other crawling in some water and managed to recover my cape gooseberry for last year I fault it was dead but noticed some green shoots at the bottom so have cut the dead wood just above were the green shoots are .

We had a frost last night the sun is trying to come out but we have blue sky this morning I had my planters by the back door as I had herbs in them but David did not want them their so he moves them to perennial bed at the edge and some one has come along and eaten all the herbs and one of my young artichokes I planted out luckily I have two more in the greenhouse

well my camera needs more battery’s so I finish my post here have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your gardens over the Easter break

5 thoughts on “Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 of April 2014

  1. Jo says:

    This sunshine’s great for getting some outdoor jobs done. I’m spending some evenings at the allotment now that the clocks have gone forward and we’ve got lighter evenings too.

  2. Flighty says:

    We’re all a lot busier now that it’s drier, lighter and warmer. My onions are showing like that as well.
    Happy gardening and have a good Easter. xx

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