width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-3146″ />It was bright this morning so I thought I would get the petrol lawnmower out but wish I had not as I went to pull on the pull cord it snapped I managed to find the other end but will have to wait for David to show me how to take it apart to mend so I have to get the old manual one out again never mind

Then in the afternoon the two bigger dogs jump over the front gate luckily no one was hurt but I saw two cars pull off very quickly once the dogs jumped back over the fence I keep telling David we need a new higher fence maybe he will do something about it .

I am very happy that my salads leaves have all come from my greenhouse this week David Has had some with his pack up and I have had some with crackers and cream cheese or peanut butter on them


sun is shining and I might spend some time out their this afternoon not sure what I will be doing as yet I got things to sow and pot up but waiting to get some soil at present might rake the grass to try and aureate it

the dogs really do need our help please help if you can

spent some time in the garden just reading my new book that came in the post until I had to bring my 3 dogs as 2 went a visiting my next-door neighbours again when they came back from shopping then re let them out a little while after wards

moved rover one to see if we have both hedgehogs up and about looking in from the outside as David had tighten the nut up to tight for me to undo it from the tripod to place it inside the feeding station

Blue tits are making an interested in the nest box 1 again along with a Great tit this morning


Very happy to know Alison and Linda hedgehogs I rehome from the RSPCA to re home have
Survived the hibernation of winter and was pleasing to see both of them last night because my trail cam only picked up one of the hogs the other night

David kindly took me to DOBBIES FOR breakfast this morning and we came home with all the compost to finish filling the raised bed and the he kindly got this
lovely wild flower mix




Then he popped into ADADA and picked these up

and once planted you just leave them in the ground and they will come up again next year so they will be added to the perennial bed and I am thinking of putting some wild flowers amongst my perennial which hopefully will look good
have a great week and a blessed one


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