Monday the 7th to the 9th of April 2014

Well it rained during the night quite heavy at times but the plants are not complain

I covered up my rocket spuds this morning using the earth nearby as out of compost but saying that I do have some homemade compost that I think is ready but I want to leave it a bit might do a video then folk and see it better and tell me if they think it is ready to use as I am not quite sure it nice and dark .

I am thinking of getting a wormery

It been raining on and off all day today had a quick looking in the greenhouse to see how things are doing starting to get green shoots on my red onions from Kelan Falmouth allotment’s on You Tube


Cool the sun is trying to come out but the clouds keep covering it up again hoping to get some potting on compost at the weekend as everything in the greenhouse is crying out to be potted on ‘my tulips I planted last full have come out lovely sorry cannot remember the Varity they are .


The sun is starting to shine and we have blue skies this morning my plan for today is to hoe some nettles to make some nettle tea and leave near the compost heap area as it has a habit of stinging I leave some for the bees and another insects but just moving the ones near my cold frame and raised beds as if I am brave enough later in the season I do not want to get stung by ether the stinging nettles or the insects
Here are some photos that I took the other day



Now I an not sure what the long green shoots are at all the pots come from my mother when she was moving and I have not planted any bulbs myself in their so if anyone knows what they are then kindly tell me in the comment box below



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