Thursday 27 to the Sunday 30 of March 2014

Cold but dry start to the day and here is a friend on YouTube wildlife pond

Well the sun has come out this morning and rover one watching red chalet is very busy with a great tit in and out making the hole bigger taking all sorts going in and out

And if you’re looking for somewhere to visit this summer then come and have a look around this lovely place

it’s raining this afternoon and dull and overcast been trying to work out what will be my next wildlife project going to be for the garden I would like lots to be honest with you but just cannot work out what to start on first

Friday 28
The day has been cool but nice today must Amit due to family reasons have not got anything done in the garden my mothering law was admitted to hospital the other day plus waiting for compost to arrive but I have been doing some weeding

Will take after photos over the weekend all being well

We sorted two of our sheds out and I made room for some empty jars I had been collecting for jam and chutney and relish making still got to learn how to make some of them as never done them but always wanted to the suns been out for most of the day and the dogs have enjoyed it no end

And put a freezer in my tool shed ready for anything I harvest that I would like to freeze


Well apart from putting the washing out on the line I have finally finished turning the compost bins over I now have 4and half full bins with 3 empty ones waiting to be felled in due cause as the half one gets finished first I think I did well as I was only using a garden fork and spade my garden claw only loosed the tops but did not go right done like I was hoping for

But at least that is now done until October when I will redo them I have to move a rubber car mat that was under one of the compost bins as it had not rotted down at all but found some worms in their

I am pleased with my daff that I planted in the autumn last year and sorry cannot Rember what their called here are all the flowers that are out in my garden at present













some are the blossom on our fruit trees I will show you how the apple seedling is doing in my tree follow on the 7th of April


4 thoughts on “Thursday 27 to the Sunday 30 of March 2014

  1. silverbells2012 says:

    Hope your mother-in-law will be okay. You beat me at turning the compost bins… I’m trying to do that once a fortnight to maximise priduction but I didn’t want to risk my washing getting dirty today.

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