Monday the 24th to Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Well once the frost and cold thawed and the sun came out the dogs enjoyed them self’s out side
And the birds have been busy.

And a bumble bee came and visited the greenhouse today and was quite happy in their

Tuesday 25 th of March 2014

What a lovely day it looks like it is going to be again fingers cross that is

was sent this by a seedy pen pal Zoe and thought I would share with my followers

Wednesday 26th of March 2014

Very cold and damp this morning but the birds are busy

And I have had a great tit and two blue tits have a look round nest box one 2day
I have I believe I have one or two open nest but do not have any spare camera’s whether their live or trail type ones to put nearby at present

I just been down to the wild area were my hibernating Hedgehogs are that came from the RSPCA look like their might be a wake so I have put my trail cam out I had it on one of my peanuts for two days here are some of the photos





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