Darren the bee! Not quite Romeo!

lovely post about bees

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Warning: This post contains graphic information about insect reproduction!

A male bee is called a drone. In Dutch the plural word for drones is Darren . Singular is dar

This makes me laugh!

Darren in English is a male name.

Male bees are funny creatures.

A swarm (largely female.)

Best of all we can’t work out a great deal of their purpose.

Darren spends his day in a casual manner. He can’t feed himself so relies on the female worker bees for sustenance.

The women of the hive raise the drones. These fellas have one real purpose in life.

They will mate with the queen bee, Moer, on her honeymoon flight.

It’s tragic and gruesome. look away now!

In return she castrates him at the point of pleasure. He will fall to his death. She’ll repeat the process with a couple of his comrades so that she can store…

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