My current fruit tree’s and i think i need to replace one or two of them now

Walked round the garden today and it looks like I’m going to have to get a new damson tree we brought the damson plum from our old home there are no buds on it at all unlike all the other fruit trees we brought from our old garden have some lovely buds on.

We have one already in the garden that was here when we moved in and that is a Victoria plum tree we only got one plum last year and we did quite well with the apple tree that was already in the garden but no pears from the pear tree already in the garden.

The dogs and I had a lovely time in and out of the garden I put my poles up for the peas when they shoot from the modules I put them in.
I am panicking a wee bit as at present I do not think I have enough growing space as at present I only have two raised beds set up and one is quite full

But I do have some big container if David will let me use them but he can be a wee bit funny about certain things in the garden if they’re not meant to be in garden then he will not let me use them.










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