Just been given a Buddleja mixed seed packet

photo (3)

Now one of the best ways to give them a head start is to places them in some soil and ether place the soil in a plastic bag but I am using an old mealworm container and put it into the fridge for four weeks then move into small pots and put into the greenhouse or cold frame before planting in final spot in the garden and aftercare is in spring prune to 3to 5 inches of the old wood to help with shape control

9 thoughts on “Just been given a Buddleja mixed seed packet

  1. Jo says:

    The butterflies will love you. I’d love a buddleia, I just don’t have anywhere to put one, though I think I’ve seen some mini varieties which will grow in containers, so I might have to source one of those.

  2. solarbeez says:

    I don’t know what variety I got, but my friendly local nursery gave me some starts off his plant. He knows I have bees and am always looking for bee-loving plants. Now I’m also interested in butterfly-loving plants because of the trouble the butterflies are in. The nursery owner says he’s not allowed by the state to sell them because they are considered an invasive species…but doesn’t that seem the case with most of these bee-loving plants? Maybe that’s why the bees are in so much trouble. We are taking away (or poisoning) their food.

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