What would you grow in a 6×2 garden space

Well there are a group of bloggers who live all over the world who will be growing 12 crops in that space you can change the type of crop but must explain why but they must be edible or help the garden in some way.

Below is my collection that I will be planting and I have changed one or to crops from what the others are going to be growing and will show you below my collection and I have also added the variety of each crop you do not have 2
Now I am thinking also with all the seeds from my seedy penpals I might make another 2 beds up for all their seeds then each year give the beds names of who I got my seeds from ?

As there are other items I would like to grow as well and David is only letting me have only a small part of the garden as I got to make sure the dogs have enough room to run around in as well as keeping me happy with all that I would like to do in the garden apart from growing thing I mean

Like a wildlife pond more flowers in the wildlife area


Now here are the crops that everyone else will be growing and you can find out more by clicking the link here http://www.hiemstragardens.com/garden-connect.html


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