What do we have on Rover one

I just been sent this telling me how many likes my blog has got never realised


Well when I woke up this morning this is what greeted me on the cameras at first I thought a bird was on it but when I let the dogs out I could see something or the wind had knocked the tripod over and it was laying on the ground so I have re picked it up but still need to adjust the view of the camera as we can only see four of the feeders plus I want to see if we can see the woodpecker box in the background ? then we see if it try’s to make a hole in the box to get in to the box



I am afraid not we would lose the feeders if I tilted the camera upwards I think but will give it a go


I think to be able to see it I have to take a small branch down I see what David says but we will be putting camera soon hopefully just on the outside


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